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Just before the new 6.4 Preview is released, Guy Peled (the creator of Visual WebGui) shares on his personal Guy Peled's Blog some of his own thoughts and notes about the upcoming version and the innovative features it holds.

In his first post, Guy shares his thoughts on the version and gives a short architectural overview focusing on the theme designer. "I am definitely excited and anxious to see your reactions to the concept and inputs to take it from a concept to a powerful tool for you guys to take Visual WebGui to the next stage." Read blog entry...

The second post talks about the new scalability server extension which enables a non sticky scalability grid which with the addition of a state machines, also provides redundancy "When we laid down the goals for 6.4, scalability was definitely one of the highlights alongside with customization it provides the ability to take Visual WebGui projects to the next level." Read blog entry... 

In the third post Guy gives a practical overview, which will provide all that is needed in order to start creating Web themes, understanding exactly what resources and properties are and what themes are good for. "The general idea of the theme designer is to provide an easy way to edit what was once considered to be internal resources. A Visual WebGui presentation layer is built of a collection of resources and properties which are used to generate the resources needed by the client to work as a Visual WebGui presentation layer" Read blog entry...

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