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A Windows healthcare application for clinics and physicians needed a cost-effective way to accommodate all operating systems without reducing the existing functionality and security. Since users use a variety of operating systems, it was determined that a web-based version of the application was the best way to overcome those installation roadblocks. This was also a great opportunity to enable tablet access as well and reach users who use tablets such as the iPad for work.

A solution to turn this local Windows application to a cross-platform web-based solution was needed. It was important to complete the migration without having to manually rewrite the application and with minimal changes and resources involved. Running some assessment tools on the existing application provided estimations that almost 98% of the code could be automatically migrated into rich ASP.NET using the Instant CloudMove tools. “When we received the project estimations from the migration experts at Gizmox we were a bit skeptical at first as it seemed too good to be true” said Dr. Wendy Graham, Mihealth CEO and added “not only that the solution was exactly what we needed but it was also priced lower than all other alternatives.” 

Those optimistic estimations turned into reality very quickly as the code migration was completed by Gizmox in only a couple of weeks. Then, in less than 2 months the entire project was completed and the migrated web-based physician tool was ready for delivery.

The final product was a completely identical version to the Windows application, with all of the functionalities, appearance, and feel, but was available through a web-browser from anywhere in the world. This allowed Mihealth to reach all clinics/physicians without turning away any potential customers. Implementation of mihealth™ also became much easier, as sales representatives did not face any of the previous complications when installing the application in a busy clinic on unfamiliar hardware or operating software. “Migrating mihealth to a web-based technology means we can now reach more customers with much less operative efforts and resources on our side. I can definitely say it made us more competitive” concluded Dr. Graham.

The original story was published here.

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informative read for beginners like me.. currently enrolled in an .net application course at I'm looking for fabulous reads like such to foster my learning.. thanks
Left by Srishti on Feb 28, 2012 9:25 PM

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Somehow this seems to be a good system. I really like it and I will use it often
Left by lucie hauri on May 08, 2012 1:09 AM

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