April 2009 Entries
Today I got an e-mail with congratulations for my MVP 2009 award.
It may be an April fool's day joke... but if it's a joke who made it took great care in creating a fake web site with lots of contents an interesting things.
I'm very happy and proud of that recognition of the work I did replying to questions on newsgroups, talking at conferences and also writing on this blog and I should thank all the people who helped me with replies to my questions or corrections to my replies, support and friendliness. I like my work and I like to learn something new everyday, sometimes through my own mistakes. I think that doing a job that you like and that sometimes is difficult to split from your hobby and interests is a great thing, and receiving appreciation for that is even better.

Now, to celebrate that award, I'll give you a good recipe.
It's I recipe I "created" Saturday night and tested on some friends that came for dinner.
They are all alive today, so I think it's safe to post it on the blog.

Gnocchi di zucca con salmone (Pumpkin gnocchi with salmon)

For the gnocchi:
- 800g pumpkin pulp
- 400g flour
- one egg
- salt
- a pinch of chili pepper
- a teaspoon of ginger
for the sauce:
- 50 g butter
- pepper in big grains
- a pinch of saffron
- one thick slice of fresh salmon

Boil the pumpkin pulp until it's tender and then let it cool and pass it in a blender to obtain a cream. Mix it with the flour, the egg, salt and spices to obtain a thick mass. Roll it on the table to get a cylinder of one or two centimeters of diameter. Cut it in small blocks 2 centimeters long.
In the meantime melt the butter in a pan with pepper and spices. Split salmon meat from the skin and bones and chop it in small pieces. Filter the butter to remove pepper and use it to fry the salmon over low heat.
Take a pot full of water and make it boil. Add some salt (like you do for pasta) and wait until it boils again. Put the gnocchi inside the boiling water. They will fall on the bottom of the pot and then start to float as soon as they are cooked. Take them out of the water with a schiumarola (sorry, no English translation for that... you can find a picture searching on you favorite search engine...), put them in plates and cover with the salmon sauce.
And "buon appetito!"
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