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Whenever, I have created XML schemas, I didn’t want to go through the pain of creating classes from the XSDs. Maybe, I am lazy; but if something can automatically generate codes and in turn reduces my work, I am all for it.


In the beginning, I have used xsd.exe to generate codes from XML schemas. It comes standard with Visual Studio. This command line utility served its purpose despite some issues with complex schemas. Then I had come across XSDObjectGen. I found this downloadable tool in MSDN, and it definitely was a huge improvement from xsd.exe. This tool handled complex schemas fairly well. There were some issues every now and then; but those issues were manageable. However, something was still missing. I wasn’t particularly thrilled with the structure of the generated code; but I lived with it.


Finally, I came across CodeXS. I have been impressed with whatever I have tested so far. It generates codes from fairly complex schemas without any problem. I even like the structure of the code that CodeXS generates. Most importantly, it’s a web-based tool (you can also download the sourec code from the site after registration). So, no need to download, install and re-install if the tool gets upgraded. It’s been good so far.


I will be using CodeXS going forward; but I’ll definitely notify the creator(s) of CodeXS if I find any bugs in the tool.

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Try XXsd2Code.

It code generate C++, C#, C++/CLI and Java bindings from XSDs and supports nested XSDs.
Left by asheesh on Jan 30, 2011 1:20 PM

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