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It is very common these days for corporations to share and interchange a large amount of data. The type and complexity of data obviously varies significantly from one organizations to another. Despite the complexity of data, security, interchange frequency, type of transmission protocols and data volume are often the key areas of discussions among interchange partners. Corporations often settle between ftp and web service for their data integration needs.

Ftp provides an effective way to share large amount of data. Usually, people tend to batch large data in files, and transfer on an agreed upon intervals. Web services are often used for non-batched and real-time data exchange. However, web services are not simply tied to non-batched and real-time approach. Large amount of data can be transferred via web service without any major problems (some tuning may be necessary in exchanging data over a certain size). Similarly, ftp is also not limited to batched process. Smaller data transfer on frequent intervals are also quite possible.

I have noticed that many organizations tend to rely heavily on batched and less frequent data exchange pattern via ftp. Some may not even have the technical resources to explore any other options. These days, quicker data sharing and processing are becoming extremely important; but some corporations almost seems hesitant to get away from their traditional approach. Personally, non-batched approach not only allows us to go more real-time; but also simplifies data tracking, reconciliation and error handling. It almost seems that some corporations (especially the ones in healthcare/insurance industry) rely on products that can only deal with batched processing. Maybe, it's time for these organizations to invest additional resources to seek more real-time solutions.

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