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Many of us who haven't worked for Google often read about corporate culture and product innovation that make Google an exciting organization. There are plenty of articles and blogs online, and then there are 'word of mouth'. Many corporations also find Google's continuous growth and profitability envious. Top executives often try to take lessons from Google's culture of innovation and explore the possibility of introducing something similar in their organizations. In order to encourage innovation, some executives may even try to motivate their employees by citing Google in company wide meetings. Everyone wants to be like Google...

Whenever I read about Google, it seems that the innovative culture within Google gets many people involved throughout various cross-functional units within the organization. It's not about top executives pushing down ideas among employees. The culture allows many to contribute in developing new and innovative products. Top executives in other organization want to mimic Google's culture to promote innovation; but are they really allowing many to take part in the process? If only the limited few from the upper echelon are involved in pushing down ideas then the innovations will be limited. It's not just trying to be like Google, it's about establishing a culture where a vast majority of employees can take part in brewing new ideas.

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