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As the day started through the mists of the 'Universal' hangover I wondered what Uncle Bob Muglia had install for us...

Well for starters:

  • We got the 6th disk from 'Goods'- Longhorn CPT Sept .
  • We got the promised RC of Viz Studio 2005
  • And we got the promise of a SQL Server 2005 standard edition - (if you are form the US or Canda {read small print on registration site!} - not JASJARGate again!!)

So on to the keynote:

The “share the pain” video - well done theboys and girls at TVP UK  was much better than the “Napolean Dynamite” video - who the hell is he anyway???. 

  • Windows Server 2003 R2 made it to RC version - release with the others in November it has a whole bunch of new stuff:
    • Password synchronization with Unix
    • Active Directory can have an NIS master
    • ADFS - Active Directory Federation Services
    • Services for Unix bundled.
    • .NET 2.0 Framework
    • WS-Management support.
    • MMC 3.0, which supports managed plugins - Monad delayed just a while 
    • Remoting of single apps
  • Macromedia (Formely Installshield) and AVI Code demo about the new IT infrastructure and black box monitoring - watch out Identify!
  • In 2006, they will be releasing the “Compute Cluster Solution” (CCS)
    • This targets the Linux Beowulf offering – takes computing jobs and farms them out to a loose clusters.
    • Beta 1 is available now from all good ...sorry.
    • Aimed at Finance and Scientific wrld
  • Full committment to have all administration interfaces available via Monad in 2006 - see above.
  • In 2007, Longhorn Server is due out:
    • IIS 7 cool changes (see below)
    • Modular architecture – can remove all most of modules and just keep the ones needed for that deployment
    • Terminal Services to be remoted through firewalls - is this scarey or what... 
    • Transactional File System - mmm wheres this going???
    • Event log is enhanced with more metadata about the events
    • Hot add/swap CPUs, Disks and RAM (assuming hardware support)
  • IIS 7:
    • Very modular, like Apache.  Can add/remove modules at a directory level. - lots of Config entries
    • Tight ASP.NET integration (when the module is running)
    • Far better diagnostics and tracing.
    • XML config everywhere.
    • All MS provided modules use the same API that we can write to.
  • Longhorn Server will support virtualization .
  • Everything 64 bit.
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