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I’m to sexy for my shirt:

BetaNews: "Amid threats of a lawsuit from Adobe, Microsoft acknowledged Friday that it would remove support for saving files in PDF from Office 2007, as well as dropping its own rival format XPS from the productivity suite and Windows Vista. The changes follow a breakdown of talks between the two technology giants after Microsoft announced last year it would include native PDF publishing with the release of Office 2007."

This is such a backward step and show how running scared of lawsuites Microsoft has become. If we look at this logically Microsoft have agreed to perpetuate Adobe’s stranggle hold on this aspect of document production. OK Sun, IBM and all you other MS bashers how about calling Adobe to the ‘bar’ to explain!

Sad thing is, an I say this as a reluctant European, it wasn’t Adobes threat of a US lawsuite that did it, though, it was the threat of the European courts and the EU in particular that did it!

The loser here is the consumer, and only the consumer.

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Adobe sucks for many reasons.

1) Adobe buys Macromedia out. **** that. Macromedia was a great company and I curse the day that the company caved in to the greedy Adobe company.

2) Adobe forces people to download their stupid "Download Manager" just to download something basic like the PDF reader ... and THEN when you install the thing, it tries to install it's other crap like "Photoshop Photo Studio" onto your computer as well.

3) Adobe's price of Photoshop is bulls*** ... almost forcing even respectable people to download a pirated version.

4) The incident being talked about right now. Adobe is playing favorites ... very unprofessional.

Four reasons why Adboe sucks.

Left by a7knight on Jun 11, 2006 4:20 AM

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