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Posted by Robert Burke:

The MSDN Documentation: It's immense, it's thorough, it eats over a gig of my disk (and is worth it)... but it's never updated quickly enough.

And more egregious, it's doesn't include the wisdom that comes from years of community development!

I mean, which is more likely to help you find a solution: pressing F1 in Visual Studio over (for example) the ServiceContract attribute, or Alt-Tabbing to your web browser, launching your search engine of choice, and punching in "WCF ServiceContract attribute" to see what comes up?

I tip my cap to the MSDN team for releasing the MSDN Wiki, which now allows comments to be added to MSDN topics.

Eric has already added some useful information to the RegEx page.  I predict this is going to become an immensely valuable resource.

Posted on Thursday, June 22, 2006 9:59 AM | Back to top

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