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For many years savvy iTunes users have been setting up US iTunes accounts to not only get music, video and film at a reduced cost but also be able to get TV programs early. It has been one of the ‘legal’ ways of breaking the Sky monopoly.

That has all been stopped as Apple decides to maximize revenue. Previously a US account could be had by setting up an iTunes account and selecting the ‘No’ card payment option. Of course a US address was required and the purchase of iTunes US gift certificates thro’ ebay was needed.

The option was not a bug as previously reported by other commentators but the need to allow children the option of downloading without having to use an adults credit card. This is now been stopped. The argument is simply setup a paypal account for the child and do it that way.

At a stroke Apple has now pushed 1000’s of users previously paying for music, film and TV towards the world of Bit Torrent and the illegal non-paying exchange of such items.

This strikes me as madness in today’s world where I can purchase CD’s, Videos and the like and have them shipped to the UK.

Well done Apple!

Posted on Sunday, November 30, 2008 10:43 PM | Back to top

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