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I recently came across a free series of eBooks published by Syncfusion covering a number of Microsoft Technical topics. These are concise technical books of between 50 and a 100 pages written by talented experts. As they say in the forward:

‘original content guaranteed to get you up and running in about the time it takes to drink a few cups of coffee.

Today’s Book

Today I’m looking at ‘ASP.NET MVC 4 – Mobile Websites Succinctly’ written by Lyle Luppes. The book aimed at developers current using Microsoft ASP.NET and MVC to create websites, and who are now interested in making the same web sites ‘play nicely’ with mobile devices.

The book is split neatly into 12 chapters covering MVC4, the why, the when and then delving into the real meat of the topic. Included are chapters on Tips and Tricks, JQuery mobile details, Enhancing performance and onto advice around moving from MVC3 to MVC4. Concluding with a rather short Conclusion.

Each chapter is introduced with a quote, my own favourite being the final chapter and the quote:

“No more training do you require. Already know you that which you need.”
Yoda in Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

The quality of the book is a far cry from that of many such free offerings. It is as good if not better than a number of main stream expensive offerings I have seen and used in the past. The examples are well coded and laid out well. The screen shots are excellent and well considered and the text is obviously coming from a professional writer who knows his stuff.

As we read through the book and carryout the coding samples provided a mobile web site is slowly constructed. When using this book myself I found it concise enough for me to develop my own site in parallel. This was a demo piece of work for a company seminar that needed a mobile UI! 

I can recommend this book to all developers working in the field of web site development not just those looking to produce mobile web applications. Whilst we may not be coding for mobile today it is foolish to ignore the way the world is moving.

This is the first of a number of looks at books provided by  Syncfusion I’ll be reviewing.

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