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So, VS Live San Francisco 2007 is coasting to a stop. No keynote address after lunch today made for an awkward gap after lunch. We'd already seen all dozen vendors, many times over, the low-energy of the whole conference didn't lend much to discussions. The Gold-pass only "VIP" room was full of people watching "Poseidon Adventure" (2006 version).... Snooze. I really want to bag it for the day, but there's a talk at 4:30 that sounds interesting.... Thank god for remote access to my work desktop. At least I can get a few things done....

My overall impression you can read on my other entries..... I'll stick to the positive here. Scott Cate ruled the talks. Topical, packed sessions with lots of good info on Ajax. Second place was Walt Ritscher with some good info on WPF and WPFe.... Obviously with these things I didn't attend every talk, but of these were the best of what I attended.... I plan to Goggle these two, check out their blogs, they seem to be worth listening to....  


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