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April 2006 Entries

We want a good performing application but it is hard to get it right. We all know how to format strings in a fast and efficient way don't we? Let me challenge you if anybody can beat my lightning fast fixed string formatting function. The rules are easy: We want to format the content of DateTime structure into a string of the form: "08:44:45.423" The performance measured is the time needed to return the formatted string when the DateTime structure is as input given. .NET 2.0 and C# only. For starters ......

I did submit some time ago a little fix for the Enterprise Library SqlConfigurationSource but I did not yet have time to blog about it. Better late than never I want to shed some light (again) on configuration. To get your application settings from your local disk you can use the .NET ConfigurationManager class or the (Entlib) FileConfigurationSource to fetch the settings from another file than your App.Config file. The Enterprise Library SqlConfigurationManager is the counterpart to the .NET ConfigurationManager ......

Rules are meant to be bro.. ahem expanded. Especially if everybody tells you not to do so ;-). The Assembly Loader Rules are for example a very strict set of rules. One rule of the loader is that you cannot load assemblies from directories above the directory where the executable is located. This can cause some headaches if you want to share some assemblies across applications which are not installed inside the GAC. You can bypass this restriction by using Assembly.LoadFrom. A very good article ......