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Today I was working in C# and I write a code like this. Read more

Recently I was working on a C# application. Suddenly someone asks “Are you able to remove all the dll in bin folder”. read more

Recently I used AMP on one of my website. The site was already live and I need to implement the AMP functionality on the website. In your post page you define a amphtml tag which have url of the amp page. This amphtml tag help Search engine to find out amp page. Read more ......

In C# sometime we need to open URL in browser, for opening we can use following code.
Read more

  static void Main(string[] args)
            int Sum(int x, int y)
                return x + y;

            int res = 5 + 2;

This is a 5 line code to show how Local method works in C#.

Few days ago I look for a solution so I can just save my time writing CRUD. So I found a solution. It’s called Dapper. For creating c# class from the database you can use this code later add Dapper into your project and add Dapper.Contrib now you don’t need to write a open Datareader and ......

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