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So, how do you make money off your blog? Convince a publishing company to turn your blog dump into a book!

Hey it works for Joel Spolsky and Erik Sink.

True, I like to read Joel on Software's blog, although he doesn't post very often anymore. I haven't read Erik Sink's blog. Now APress has taken their blog entries and turned them into books. How effective is this? A book takes several months to produce and ship. Any entries would be older. Indeed, looking at these books at the store, many of the topics are older than 2004. Joel's topics go back to 2000.

Is this even marketable? Sure, the blog entries passed off as short anecdotes are mildly amusing. Sometimes they are even somewhat pertinent. Joel's post on How Microsoft Lost the API War is right on the money and explains the trends at Microsoft from Dotnet to Vista and XAML. But these anecdotes are over two years old. And Erik Sink's "posts"/chapters/stories have paragraphs that all end with :). This may be acceptable in blog form but seems quite immature and unprofessional in a book.

Ironically, you can read the content for free on their blog sites! So why would you want to read the book? And this brings up a good point: Blogs by nature list the most recent postings first. Viewing or searching historical posts is not intuitive. And with the postings in descending order by date, older posts seem irrelevant. How many times have you searched Google for a topic, been led to blog where the last entry was over a year ago, and shrugged your shoulders and surfed somewhere else? Older is inherently not seen as "current".

Well, Joel, I hope the blog in book form is earning you some royalties. Posted on Wednesday, June 14, 2006 7:30 PM | Back to top

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