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I'm thinking of seeing if there is enough interest to start a BizTalk User Group in Sweden. The plan is to meet in Stockholm, in the city, after work hours, maybe 5pm. You will have to put up with me talking the first time, but I plan to involve other speakers to talk about Windows Workflow, SOA, and other BizTalk related stuff.

If you are interested, hit the "Contact" link and I will get back to you with further details. I am aiming for late November, early December for the first meeitng.



Posted on Tuesday, November 8, 2005 4:44 PM | Back to top

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Two thumbs up Alan... nice presentation to sum up BTS 2006 human workflow possibilities (without "HWS"), infopath and WSS adapter. The client side requirement of infopath doesnt sound so good though. there was a discussion towards the end for generating forms from infopath forms (cant recall the tool that was mentioned), anyways InfoView is another tool that does the same). I was however wondering if MS is enabling its Office products for online use (with limited functionality though) like.. infopath form reader with buttons and links enabled, so that one can interact. word/ excel reader etc!.. just like, as you mentioned Acrobat reader is free!

Regarding the meetings, i'd like to suggest these topics:
1) Microsoft and Business Process Management (with BTS and beyond..). third parties? K2, Ultimus?
- scenarious: system-human, human-human..
- where to use what?
- WWF?
2) BizTalk 2006 EAI adapters (any hands on experience?)
3) SOA vs BizTalk process orientation.
- Service as composition of processes or the opposite or both?

Left by Ali Shahzad on Dec 16, 2005 1:57 AM

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