After a frustrating waste of time I finally worked out how to Uninstall NuGet Package Manager from Visual Studio.

Usually I would just expect to run Tools->Extension Manager, then select the item from the list and click Uninstall, but the NuGet Package Manager Uninstall button was disabled.

I then checked Control Panel->Uninstall a Program, but there was no entry for the Visual Studio extension (I didn’t think there would be as they are managed within VS).

Finally, I had a brainwave, maybe it was permissions? So I right-clicked the Visual Studio icon and selected ‘Run as administrator’ and sure enough the Uninstall button magically became active and the world was a good place again.

Just thought I’d share this as you too may be losing the will to live trying to find a solution.


posted on Thursday, March 13, 2014 11:22 AM
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