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That BizTalk guy from India Benny Mathew

Jan 27th was my last day with IBM Global Services (India). I quit IBM, to join an american company (Two Connect, Inc.) as a Solution Architect.

Two Connect is truely passionate about technology, having well known people like Javier Mariscal and Jesús Rodríguez onboard.

Javier is the President of Two Connect, he has co-authored the best selling BizTalk book Integration Patterns (Patterns & Practices).

Jesús is the Chief Software Architect of Two Connect, he won two awards at the recently held Microsoft Connected Systems Developer Competition for his Service Broker adapter for BizTalk Server. He is also a BizTalk MVP.

I really look forward to learn a lot and also unleash my full potential working for Two Connect.


Benny Mathew
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Posted on Monday, February 6, 2006 2:14 AM | Back to top

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