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Many applications need to integrate data from multiple sites into a combined answer. As discussed, the modular architecture of the IIS7 and ASP.NET integrated request processing pipeline allows you to plug your own custom feature modules into the integrated pipeline to add support for new custom processing capabilities (Cross-Cutting Phenomena).

looking from a philosophical point of view, what functions are computable by a computer? Logic variables pioneered by concurrent logic and concurrent constraint programming are powerful mechanisms for automatically synchronizing concurrent computations, more details: Functional decomposition for Light Compilers. So SOA applications rely heavily on service agent components, which act as the middleman between separate Web services and which relay all communications between them.

In the process of choosing what metrics are to be used as measurement, the first thing that has to be considered is from what viewpoint the measure is to be evaluated. We know that if you want to allow users to register your custom HTTP handler module or handler factory at the IIS 7 Web server level you must compile your custom HTTP handler module or handler factory into a strongly-named assembly and deploy this assembly to the GAC, see processes and meta-processes. Report Manager is the name of the website that SSRS sets up. Consequently, to improve file performance, a typed file object can exploit type-specific knowledge about the kind of data to be stored and the likely access patterns to be employed.

It is important to allow for the reuse of models / applications without expensive reworking or recoding. the idea of the Factory Method Pattern is to provide an interface for creating objects but letting the subclasses decide which classes to implement. As with any tool, don't hesitate to test extensively. The user of the data service do not need to be aware of the actual physical source of the data, nor its storage format. Embedded code allows a developer to use full object-oriented functionality of VB.NET, but it is mostly used for simple logic.

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