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When receiving EDI messages in BizTalk, you have the option of sending an Interchange Acknowledgment (TA1) when a file is received. This is configured in the X12 Fallback Settings in BT 2010, or in EDI Global Properties in previous versions.

However, even if you have this disabled, if your inbound file has the ISA14 field (Acknowledgement Requested) set to 1, then a TA1 will be created. It will then be suspended, since BT doesn't know what to do with the message. To get around this, you have two options:

  1. Create a Send Port and dump all the TA1 messages to it
  2. Create a custom receive pipeline and flip all ISA14 fields to 0

I'll talk about creating custom pipelines sometime in the future, so for now let's just dump everything to a send port.

Create a new Send Port with the following properties:

You could run it through the EDISend pipeline, but if you're just getting rid of them anyway, why bother?

You'll need some process to clean out this folder every now and then, of course.

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This was very helpful. Thank you very much.
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