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From there and Scoble’s log it looks like Microsoft has reformed the Internet Explorer product team.  Perhaps this means we’ll see an IE 7.0 after all?

At this point I use IE and Avant Browser exclusively.  I tried FireFox back when the name changed and found it to be a repulsive experience.  However, at least on some level, it does seem to be pushing ahead where IE has stagnated. 

The features I use most in Avant are the tabs, the aliases, the highly customizeable search bar, the use of the middle mouse button to open a link in a new tab, and the ability to use “gestures” to go backward and forward on mice without the proper 5 buttons J  - and what it calls “gestures” are simply this:  Hold down the right button and then press the left button to go Back.  Hold the left button and press the right one to go forward. 

Avant also does some of the work of SP2’s IE… pop-up blocking, limitations on where windows can spawn (they have to spawn inside the parent container), etc.  Though it doesn’t do anything to manage add-ins, which is a feature I’m definitely looking forward to in SP2.

One of the biggest problems with “standards compliance” is that even if IE 7.0 or 6.5 includes a 100% W3C implementation (CSS 2.1, DOM level 2, and everything else), we’re STILL going to have to write HTML that works with the new Internet Explorer, Mozilla/Opera/KHTML, AND older IE versions – which will continue to dominate the browser population for quite some time even if a new version is released for every Windows OS. 

Another big problem is the probability of breaking web pages that currently work correctly in IE 6.  It could even cause problems for the hundreds of programs that make use of mshtml.dll to render web content.  Outlook is a good example.  How would changing the IE DOM affect Outlook 2003?  2002?  2000? 

I do like the proposed idea of a managed API for IE plug-ins and automation.  With that I could probably just throw together my own customized IE interface with everything I want and nothing I don’t.  In fact I like that idea a lot.

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