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So it’s here at last, Microsoft’s entrance into the desktop search market.

I’ll start this off by saying that these guys have done some excellent work.  Already it has replaced Copernic and Lookout for me completely.

Of course, as a user, I always want more.  So here’s my Christmas list:

  • Context-sensitive searching in more places.
  • Context-sensitive searching in the Open File dialog (as I describe here)
  • The ability to search down the current folder structure in Explorer.
  • Custom filters (by location, etc.)
  • Shell extension for Explorer (local and network browsing) with an “Index this…“ context menu option.  
  •  A way to search things I’ve seen recently (e-mails/newsgator posts I’ve read, web sites I’ve visited, etc.).  Kind of like this.
  •  A .NET or COM control that I can plug into my application (complete with API for setting the search location/type defaults).
  • OR just an API for me to call to do my own searches and get the results in a smart way so that I can display them for my users.
  • Better support for other applications… E-mail clients other than Outlook, Browsers other than IE.  I’m fortunate that I use Outlook, but I know many people who do not.

I’m sure I’ll think of more things, and I’ll come back and add them to this list when I do.  I really, really like what they’ve done so far, though.  And I hope they keep the good stuff coming!

Oh yeah, the Desktop Search guys will be blogging on the MSN Search Team’s blog, here.

Posted on Monday, December 13, 2004 11:30 PM What I Want | Back to top

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