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This time of year for AP teachers is very difficult as we look at the calendar and see that May 2nd is approaching very quickly. We then look at our agenda of topics that we still need to cover before the exam.

My class needs to cover the selection, insertion, and merge sorting algorithms and then two searching algorithms sequential and binary.

What's tough is that we have a week off in April and I'm always concerned that my students will forget everything that we covered during that week and that Spring Fever will start to settle in!

After I cover these algorithms we'll spend some time reviewing the exam. The College Board has released the 2004 Java exam and it's been very helpful to me as I do final preparations for the exam.

I am always of the opinion that anyone who has worked hard in my class can pass this exam. However, I do get surprised by the seniors who will blow off this exam and simply embarass themself by getting a 1 or 2 on the exam because they didn't try.  A 3 is a passing grade and would be a C in an Introduction to CS on the college level.

I have bright students this year so I'm hoping for 100% pass rate on the exam. I've accomplished this task before and I want to do it again.

I'll let you know in July when we receive the test scores. In the meantime, we still have time to prepare for the exam.

Posted on Monday, March 13, 2006 10:15 AM Teaching AP CS | Back to top

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