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This week marks the second week that I've been with my students in my Honors Programming class. First of all, it's great to see that I have 5 females taking the class and the class size is 16. I started class last week talking about the syllabus and grading. Students did have a chance to login to our school network and save a file to make sure everything was working correctly. I then introduced them to Visual Basic.NET and they did some console applications. You know "Hello World" kind of programs to write. They had success so I taught them how to write a gui calculator with a windows application. I could see some eyes light up when they had the opportunity to change colors on the windows form and drag n drop tools from the toolbox. More eyes lit up with the useage of intellisense on the coding. Today, we took the same application and created a pocket pc applications with visual studio. Students had some fun seeing the application deploy on the pocket pc. Eventually, I'll teach them web programming but for now I'm happy that they are learning and want to learn more. We'll be using Code Rules curriculum that you can get for free at I'll let you know how they are doing soon. Posted on Thursday, January 18, 2007 12:11 PM Teaching with ASP.NET , Teaching AP CS | Back to top

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