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It was nice to see that members of the Orlando DotNetNuke  User Group  were mentioned in the recent newsletter that Shawn Walker puts out.

Under the section News Briefs  you'll see

Summer Training in Orlando

Brian Scarbeau and DNNSPIRED owner teaming up for DNN training in June/July..


Also under User Activity you'll see that Will Strohl who goes by hismightiness is one of the top 10 posters on the site. Way to go!

User Activity

Updated forum and registration stats from

Total Forum Posts, February 2008:  6,883
Unique Forum Users, February 2008:  1,543
Top 10 Posters, February 2008
:  Sebastian Leupold, Chris Hammond, Mitch Sellers, hismightiness, Matthias Schlomann, ROBAX, Scott Willhite, Mike Horton, Cathal Connolly, Rodney Joyce


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