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Well the weather in April is quite different than the weather in Orlando, FL at this time of year.  However, I did notice that there is more color in the trees and plants even though it's cold. I spent most of the morning at an XNA workshop. Even though I'm an ASP.NET MVP, there are certain events that we can go to outside our area.

It was interesting to listen to the XNA concerns that the MVP folks had. The speaker who is a senior manager mentioned XNA being used in colleges and that opened up the door for me to ask about help on the high school level in XNA curriculum development and training. I did mention that it would be great to have college professors, high school teachers, Microsoft XNA professionals and Microsoft get together to discuss topics pertaining to curriculum.

I was pleasantly surprised to hear that there is curriculum being developed for high schools to use. I did volunteer to view the curriculum so hopefully I can give my two cents input to it before it gets released.

The rest of the day was spent trying to learn Silverlight. I was originally under the impression that Silverlight won't take off like Flash did but after today, I'll eat my words. Many developers see the benefits of what Silverlight has to offer. I was sitting aside Tampa, FL based Silverlight guru, Bill Reiss.  Bill even helped me fix a problem I was having with a silverlight module not working within a DotNetNuke environment. (Thanks Bill)

I was able to meet Michael Washington from the DotNetNuke team and wanted to spend some more time talking with him. Maybe tomorrow... The days go by so fast here even with the 3 hour time difference change for me.

Tonight was the product team dinner at the Hyatt Hotel. I had the opportunity to speak with my MVP colleagues from Ecuador, Mexico and South Korea. It was interesting conversation about ASP.NET, sports, and information about the United States.

I enjoyed my conversation with Dongjin who is from South Korea. It was interesting to know that there are not that many Microsoft MVP's in Korea. Dongjin works for MySpace and we talked about his work along with living in South Korea. My son, Steven, was born in South Korea so I have much to tell him when I get home.

I was sitting aside of the DotNetNuke MVP's so I introduced myself to Shawn Walker who is the President and Chief Architect of DotNetNuke Corp.  I had good conversation about our Orlando DotNetNuke User Group and about the upcoming DNN University event during Tech Ed. Shawn asked about our members and our meetings. He was quite surprised about how many members we have in a short period of time.

Tomorrow is another day of product team meetings. I plan on squeezing in some meetings with Microsoft personnel to talk about high school computer science issues.

I really liked the change in format of meetings this year. I was well received by the XNA folks and I enjoyed the Open Space Meetings that we had yesterday. All in all, I've learned a great deal.

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