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Microsoft MVP, Rob Miles has emailed all who are interested in reviewing his new XNA curriculum. I had a chance to look at Part 1 today and it looks good to use for any high school programming course that wants to introduce XNA into the curriculum.

The curriculum will have a total of 8 parts:

Part 1: An Introduction to Programming
Part 2: Controlling Games
Part 3: Displaying Messages
Part 4: Pictures and Sounds
Part 5: A Complete Game
Part 6: Creating Gameplay
Part 7: Complex Games
Part 8: Multi Player Games

Rob wrote the XNA book Learn Programming Now with Microsoft XNA Game Studio 2.0.  He's a professor at the University of Hull and his curriculum is geared to anyone who has a programming background who wants to learn how to program C# using the XNA framework.

His curriculum for Part 1 comes with over 200 slides with notes on most slides to help the instructor. (nice touch)  Part 1 is very basic and covers the following topics:

Introduction to Programming Concepts
What Makes a Program
What Makes a Game
Coping with Colours
Building a Program
Making a MoodLight

All topics covered comes with sample code for instructors to demonstrate the concepts covered in the topic. image

You'll need to have an XBOX controller connected to your pc to run the code.

The first lab will walk you through how to create a program that changes the colors on the screen. Students get to use different data types like byte and bool in their code for this. They also get a chance to see how the XNA methods work in code.

All in all, I liked what I reviewed and look forward to seeing the other parts when they come available. Hopefully soon!


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