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Brian Harry is continuing his series on new VSTS 2010 features.  His latest entry deals with some restructuring of the Team Foundation Server and specifically the way projects are stored.

Team Project Collections are a new concept in TFS 2010.  They represent a set of projects that are managed together.  Each TPC has it’s own set of databases.  This enables TPC’s to be backed up, restored or migrated independently of other TPC’s on the same logical or physical TFS implementation.

This is particularly exciting for large TFS implementations like the one I implemented at EDS.  The ability to segment the environment into units based on organization units, clients, product team, etc. is compelling.  Also, individual TPC’s can be backed up and archived.  In a consulting organization this is huge improvement.

Brian also talks about changes to the scalability and availability including NLB of the application tier and the fact that TPC’s can be scaled across a number of SQL Servers as each is now independent database.

These structural changes make TFS much more manageable and vaults TFS into the large enterprise space.

Can’t wait to get my mitts onto it.  :)

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