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Azure session with Chappel was pretty good.  I have a better perspective on where Azure fits in.

Then attended: OFC03-INT - Integrating Application Lifecycle Management and Project Portfolio Management.  Very interesting demo of how an organization ‘could’ build an end-to-end portfolio management toolset using Sharepoint + Project Server + Project Portfolio Server + TFS.

Makes a great scenario, but lots of heavy lifting and integration to put the scenario together.  Lots of pieces were custom, based on codeplex projects or simply require you to use a product the right way.

Boy, would be GREAT if this scenario was REALLY achievable without a huge amount of development/integration effort.  Definitely going to dig in deeper as I see huge value to organizations to have this end-to-end view.

Now attending DPR04-INT - Tools and Agile Teams.  Had to check out the boss’s session.  (Joel is doing it).

Joel is showing some of our work we’ve been doing on the TV.  We’ll see what people say about it.  We’ll be talking about it a lot more over the next couple of weeks.

Drinks and food to come tonight.  Hope tomorrow is as good as today!

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