Windows Live Messenger BETA update Part 2

1. Just realized that I just can't send an attachment or receive one with out having a anti-virus scan it. Good thing is that there Windows Live Safety Scanner that you can install right from your Options menu.

I sense Windows Live Messenger moving toward a true SIP product soon.

2. Sounds are now managed from inside options and not showing up in the Control Panel -> Sounds

3. If you type alot in IM, like me, you are tired of repetative headers when you are the last person talking for last minute or so. VOILA! Now messages send within a minute will only have one header stamps, like this:
    Nikita says [11:00 AM]
     Are you there?
    Nikita says [11:01 AM]
     BTW, we need your report emailed to us really bad ASAP
     So please get that done 
    Jack says [11:03 AM]
     I'll get right on that.
    Nikita says [11:04 AM]
     That's what I like to hear!

If someone, that I know, still needs an invite to the BETA, send me an email or just comment on this blog entry and I will get it to you.

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