Never Host Your Own Email

Never Host Your Own Email - is what I tell all of my small business clients and then we always have issues with them wanting to host their website or intranet subdomain locally and yada-yada. Well here comes another great reason to never host your own email - Custom Domains from the Live team at Microsoft

Just forward your MX record to Live servers[you'll get those after you register] I am so doing this for some of my clients - since I hate those cheap web mail solutions you get from most hosting companies, emails go bad, people complain - no more!

And the best part for me - I can switch my hosting packages, providers and whole nine yards from server to server and never touch my emails services and recreate mailboxes, reset up outlooks and resent “check email at home” links for webMail.

All in one place, all neat and done with best technology out there.

Print | posted on Tuesday, August 1, 2006 12:44 PM

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