MVP Global Summit 2007 - Bill Gates, S. "Soma" Somasegar, Anders Hejlsberg and Scott Guthrie

Just came back from the MVP Global Summit 2007 that was in Seattle/Redmond, WA, which was this past week March 12th-15th.

It was one of the biggest most influential events I have ever attended. I saw Bill Gates in probably one of his last public appearances.
[Update: For a transcript of his speech go here-

I also got a chance to hear directly from Soma, the main guy lading the Developer Division at Microsoft.

99.9% of the material is NDA, Non-Disclosure stuff, so I can' even mention as to even the directions of what the talks were all week.

A lot of it was actually feed back sessions, which is great and not so great, depending on what you want from which session :)

This event packed in almost every MVP from across the world. Seriously, I saw almost every country on MVP badges this last week.

I got a chance to talk with Anders Hejlsberg and Scott Guthrie. Even got some special autographed items from each.
We also had recruiting and Windows Kernel team, among many others on our special day.
This was arranged by the team at Microsoft - Microsoft Student Partners and primarily by it's Global Manager - Jennifer Perret.

I would like to thank my supporters and "sponsors" that made it possible for me to attend this event:

Jennifer Perret - Program Manager, Global MSP - Organized all the special events for MSPs and brought in all these great people together for us. Has personally helped me with the extra day at the hotel and the emergency Airline switching due to poor weather that almost put me out in Pittsburgh for a weekend, instead I finally got back home to Tampa late night same day. All of this while I was sill ill with fever and pneumonia. Thank you Jenn!

Tracy Hackney - Program Manager, US MSP - Has helped me work though the hard times at MSP and supported me though out the years as a great manager and a leader, basically a personal hero as well. She has patiently listened to every bit of my feedback regarding the MSP program, before it was called an MSP program :)

Joe Healy - Developer Evangelist, Gulf States. - Helped me develop as a Developer and an Academic Community leader. Also nominated me independently to my managers to attend MVP Summit.

Thank you to all MSPs from around the world that attended, I had a great time getting to know all of you. Add me on theFacebook :)

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