Tampa Bay IASA - First Meeting Success

Inaugural Meeting for the Tampa Chapter of IASA was last night October 30th.

Jeff Barnes was presenting - "The role of Software Architect"

Tom Fuller is heading up the group and has been giving talks on SOA last few years and has been talking about forming a group for a while. Congrats to him on finally making it happen. Tom recently just had a baby and we all are really found of that.

If you are an aspiring software architect wanting to learn more about being an architect, you are in a role of a software architect or a seasoned developer who has been lately taking on more and more architecture jobs - this is the place to be.

This group is promising to stay platform indifferent and will present methods and guidelines, rather then specific technology how to.

Next meeting is tentatively set for Nov 28th 6:30PM Topic TBA

Tom is also looking for speakers or ideas on topics for the group so feel free to get a hold of Tom through his blog.

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I will be giving a presentation in Orlando in February to introduce my new book on "31 Tips to becoming an Effective Presenter." As a chemist (I graduated with a M.S. in analytical chemstry from USF) and I was also in the computer science industry for many years.

Most, if not all, technical and professional people are very knowledgeable in their field of expertise; however, since communication is not a priority for technical and professional people, most will learn to present by trial and error. I can provide techniques to assist others in being more effective in their presentation skills.

FYI, I gave a presentation to the Tampa Code Camp this past summer on effective networking (the person to person type) which was well received.

If you are interested, I can give a presentation in February.


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