CES 2008 - My Favorite Holiday Season

Right in the middle between holiday season and my birthday is CES. A joyous occasion for me.

Every year I hold off on my major electronics purchases until I see all the news from here. Every year I get sour about my current gear. So be warned. Especially when you see things that are "5-10 years out" as usually presented in the keynote. I love to get disappointed with my current digital state and impatient waiting for all the new stuff to ship. I know. Sad.

I love watching the keynote and following all the unveilings. Bill Gates has been key noting this event since I have been watching it and it's always a great show. This year would probably be the last for Bill.

Don't miss it:
Sunday, January 6th, 2008 6:30 p.m.
Pacific Standard Time

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I have 3 major links [there is probably more]:

http://www.microsoft.com/ces - this is where you want to go for anything MS related on CES, including the keynote steaming. [This by no means will be anywhere to close coverage]

http://www.on10.net/tags/CES+2008/Default.aspx - this is tagged Ch10 filter for you, this could be some promising aternative coverage for MS-minded geeks and enthusiast all around. [Once again, this is a new one at CES and is yet to prove it self on it's coverage]

http://www.engadget.com - CES resident bully - this is the place or probably the fastest updates and live blogging of the press conferences. [take their comments with grain of salt - thhoe guys have gotten their egos and expectations so high up they are way above mile high club]

PS: To everyone that said Bill was not going to be there - "told ch'ya!"

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