Windows Phone 7 officially announced on 10/11/10

Today was the day Microsoft finally took the full covers off Windows Phone 7.

Many of the questions of what that means to you, and the general public have been finally answered. So let’s jump in to the overview.

General Availability:

– October 21st in Europe and Asia

- November 8th in United States

Full details can be found here.

Phones and manufacturers:

HTC, Samsung, LG and Dell are among the first few to gain commitments from the careers and get a launch dates.

5 Phones have been announced for US and another 4 for Europe. A video tour of the phones can be found here.

A full world-wide list can be found half-way down this press release. Sprint will feature the un-expected but dreamed about HTC Pro 7 in early 2011.

I know you want to see more, so I recommend checking out the hands-on videos and photos from Engadget here.

Not sure if the Windows Phone 7 is right for you?

Spend some time checking out the short walkthroughs on the Windows Phone site or more detailed How To’s to find out more.

And as with any phone, especially a new generation of phones – a phone is a personal object – so go see it in person.
Take your time with it before making a decision. See the demos for what it’s like doing the functions you do the most, is it easy to you?

I have used the prototypes for over a month and I love WP7, I resonate with “glance and go” but you might find yourself elsewhere.

I can’t tell you how many times a friend or a colleague has told me that they hate their smart phone. When I asked them why they bought it, almost always said that they listened to a friend in best case to worst case scenario - a sales rep at the wireless store. 

I encourage you to go on and discover the new Windows Phone 7 from Microsoft and welcome to the new age of mobile.

Learn more about Windows Phone 7

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