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You've probably heard of Reflector, which lets you decompile .NET Assemblies and see how they work.  It's a very nice tool, for what it does.  However, as has been noted by others, if you're decompiling a rather large assembly, figuring out how everything links together can be difficult.  This is where something like Sacha Barber's 100% Reflective Class Diagram Creation Tool.  As you can guess from the name, it uses reflection to accomplish it's task, much like Reflector does.


    • Detection of NON-CLR type being requested by user
    • Customization of what is shown on the class diagram
      • Show interfaces [Yes / No]
      • Show constructor parameters [Yes / No]
      • Show field types [Yes / No]
      • Show method arguments [Yes / No]
      • Show method return values [Yes / No]
      • Show property types [Yes / No]
      • Show events [Yes / No]
      • Show enumerations
      • Show delegates [Yes / No]
      • Number of columns to use for the generated diagram (Number between 1-5)
      • Class background start color
      • Class background end color
      • Class border color
      • Accessibility modifier selection (Public only / Public and Static / All)
    • Automatically drawn class association lines
    • Automatically drawn generalization (inheritance) arrows
    • Expand individual sections of a class (Constructors / Fields / Properties / Methods / Events may all be collapsed / expanded individually)
    • Expand entire class
    • Class representation as similar to Visual Studio 2005 look and feel as possible
    • Allow saving of diagram to the following image formats (Bmp, Emf, Exif, Gif, Jpeg, Png)


Check it out.

Posted on Friday, March 30, 2007 8:10 AM Architecture | Back to top

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