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In an blatant move to circumvent the First Amendment and curtail free speech, many of our "leaders" lately have been talking about resurrecting the "Fairness Doctrine". The "Fairness Doctrine" was designed so that opposing viewpoints got equal time on any broadcast.  In the days of only three major television networks, and two major press syndicates, you might have been able to make an argument that this was worthwhile.  Now, with the internet, the explosion of cable/satellite networks, and others such a doctrine becomes un-necessary, and nearly impossible to implement.

Proponents of this issue are using it first to shut down talk radio, which they believe has too much of a voice in politics (this is a euphemism for "the American people have too much of a voice in politics"), but have no fear, the internet will be their next target.

If you're interested in learning more about this assault on Free Speech, visit the Fairness Doctrine Watch.

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