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After iPhone, few other names have been making frequent rounds of the internet recently. Since I am an early adopter of iPhone and majorly interested in gPhone and any other variants I thought I might as well jump in and clarify some terms and/or miconceptions at play here.

iPhone as you may already be aware is an actual phone running a stripped down version of the famous Mac OS X. The iPhone has gone through many firmware upgrade ever since its introduction a while ago. In North America, Apple has teamed up with AT&T and 'locked' the phone down for AT&T use only but that has not prevented the enthusiastic technologists to find ways to unlock the iPhone. Such technologists have been playing a catchup game, because Apple has been issuing upgrades at regular intervals for enhancements and to foil unlocking efforts. Currently iPhone is running OS v1.1.2 which by the way has already been successfully unlocked to be used without the AT&T agreement anywhere in the world.

gPhone aka Google Phone is a slightly misleading term. In Nov 2007 Google announced that they are looking to build an mobile phone platform code named Android (not a phone per se). The platform is going to be founded upon Linux OS, please refer to the link for an overview of the Android as a platform. Google has once again been true to its legacy and the most appealing aspect of the new platform is the 'free' ability to build and add applications to the platform since the code and API for the platform would be shared under the Apache license.

Lastly Skype is also in the process of launching its own version of the phone the highlight of which is not the gadget but the plans associated with it. There are no immediate plans to bring it to North America. If you are still curious click here.


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