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Chris Canal A Scottish .NET Developer
If your on the ALT.NET mailing list, you probably seen the argument debate of the choice of CI Server.  I've always used CC.NET, but decided to give TeamCity a whirl last night.

Overall I'm impressed, but I'm having a problem running my tests.  I'm using the latest build of NUnit (2.4.7) and Team City returns an error :

Failure executing test(s). If you assembly is not built using NUnit version, then ensure you have redirected assembly bindings. Consult the documentation of the <nunit2> task for more information.
I've gone through the documenation and tried to find out how to sort it, but I've had no luck so far.  Has anyone had this problem?

Got it sorted.  Todays lesson:  Don't be so lazy!  I was originally building it with the solution file.  I switched it to my NAnt script and it seems to be working ok now... Now to work out if there is anyway to display the NUnit test results.... :) Posted on Thursday, April 10, 2008 12:02 PM tools , development , continuous integration , team city | Back to top

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