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It is interesting in the blog-o-sphere, when somebody speaks their mind and shares their true feelings about something how it can generate such buz.  I think that is when you know something is really important.  Robert May hit one of those topics this week with his post Response to Vista?  That's it?

I haven't seen blog banter like this since the good old VB vs. C#, Oracle vs. SQL Server, IE vs. Firefox wars...  Robert got himself stuck between 2 zealots... 

Mr. Windows.... how dare you insult the greatest thing since sliced bread...  Vista is so secure it will help you win the war on terror!
Mr. MAC...  well it's about time...  and your OS still isn't as good as my OS....

Bottom line...  $200.00 might buy me more security just as buying a new car with low-jack will prevent my car from being stolen.  But I'm not about to go out to buy a new car just because the old one might get stolen.  Perhaps I'll consider low-jack on my next car when this one dies.   Come on folks... get the metaphor.

And for all the developer types out there, I am anti Vista until VS 2003 runs cleanly on it.

Oh and Robert:  don't bend your opinion to the pressure of the zealots.  Your opinion is valid and I am sure it is shared by many.  Me, I have never been less interested in an OS upgrade.  Call me a managed code software developer I guess....


Posted on Saturday, January 27, 2007 7:46 AM Microsoft , Blogging | Back to top

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