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Even though REMIX07 Boston is still going on until tomorrow, I had to get back to work commitments.  I'm bummed because there were so many great sessions to check out.  The Key Note presented by Brad Abrams was cool.  He presented a number of things I had seen before, but I think the crowd was very impressed.  Most impressive for me was seeing Miguel de Icaza showing off Moonlight (Silverlight on Linux). 


So I was first up after the Key Note presentation.  I had a lot of time to rehash my performance on the drive from Boston back to Jersey compliments of Connecticut.  I'll have to rant about Connecticut and Delaware in another post.

Anyway, I didn't think I gave my finest performance today.  But I was able to review my session on Channel 9 tonight and well it was okay.  It was a little drier than I prefer.  I normally have some corny jokes or humorous stories.  Today I was kind of serious and bland.  I think it was a bit of nerves and learning just last night that they were going to film the presentations and post them on Channel 9 made it a bit worse.  But I am better for the experience.


I had a really good crowd with lots of participation.  I got some good questions which spurred some group discussions and although that may not make for riveting TV, I like to see my audiences participate.  And all I can say about Virtual Earth licensing is CHECK THE WEB SITE.  Licensing questions really caught me off guard.  If you want to know what you can and can't do with Virtual Earth, go to the Terms Of Use page.  The info is pretty clear, especially in section 4.

Oh and Tim & Jeff were showing off some very cool stuff at the Virtual Earth partner's booth.  If you will be at the conference tomorrow I suggest you stop by the Virtual Earth Partner booth.  There are some incredible examples of Enterprise use of Virtual Earth.


So that's it for me from REMIX07 Boston. 





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