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Rory, in his pain induced 2006 stupor, accidentally "tagged" me (he really was meaning to tag Georges Cuvier in an attempt so show how silly he found the tagging system, but his fingers slipped and brushed me in my special place instead).

This accidental tagging put quite a lot of pressure on me as I dug through the recesses of my mind to vainly try to come up with any interesting fact or juicy morsels that my one reader might be interesting (hey Shawna, I should be home tonight early!). I felt even more pressure as people that were tagged at the same time as I, dug up humorous and a bit sordid and shocking revelations from their own lives, preceded to tag five people they knew and then those second generation of "tagged" bloggers, not only came up with 5 revelations that made me wet my pants and beg the nurse to change me (who promptly refused and said that I had to leave the hospital or she would be calling security) but the THIRD generation of tagged bloggers are already beginning to post their revelations.

So, in an effort to not end up being 5 or 10 generations behind (and because wifey told me to get it done this morning), here are my 5 revelations that may not be known.....

Number One:

I've mentioned this one before, but I'm going to mention it again because it's the "revelation" that I still find the most shocking to myself. I hadn't even used Windows before my freshman year of college in 1996. I took a small couple week course in high-school (sometime around 9th grade I think) on Basic. We booted up Apple IIgs with 5 1/4" floppies and programmed with Basic. Line number, goto and all that jazz. So, when I was picking a major for college, I really thought that's what I wanted to be. I hadn't followed the industry, hadn't played with computers again but I picked Math/Computer Science as my major.

When I got to college, it was just a tad bit of a culture shock for me. We were given laptops (all incoming freshman were) and as my roommate and I were opening up our boxes and setting them up, he about died from laughter when I asked him where the boot floppy was. After realizing that I wasn't kidding and double-checking what my major was again (all the while looking at my like I was insane), he walked me through pressing the power button and watching that Windows logo appear. I had to learn how to use a mouse, navigate Windows AND I was supposed to be a Computer Science major. My first year was just a tad bit difficult and to look at where I am now, well, it still kind of shocks me.


I was a pole-vaulter. Not just for a short period of time either. I started pole-vaulting in high-school when I was in 9th grade. I got into because I was a wrestler (did you know that already?). After the wrestling season, I joined the track team in 9th grade and was doing three of the jumping events. Long jump, triple jump and high jump. The team didn't have a pole vaulter and that was going to cost us big time in meets, so the coach walked up to me and said, "George, you're a wrestler right?" and I said hesitantly, "yeah...". The coach's eyes lit up a little more, "So that means you're crazy right?", well, now I was on more familiar territory and didn't hesitate to answer with a "hell yeah!" to which coach promptly thrust a video in my hand on "How to Pole Vault", told me to go home and watch it and that I was the new team pole vaulter.

I taught myself from that video, did fairly well in high-school and then when I went to college, I decided why the heck not and joined the track team. I lettered for every one of the three years that I pole-vaulted for my college. Does this mean I was awesome? Nope, it means we were division III and most high school girls could have beaten my heights. Why only three years of competing? Well, my senior year I got lazy and there was some coach staffing changes so I took that as a sign I shouldn't compete again. I retired my pole and now have a skill that I will never use again unless being chased across rooftops and I happen to see a flexible fiberglass pole laying near the edge. At that moment, I will be glad for all those years of experience. Very glad.


I was a book report trafficker. My mom was pretty sure that I was selling drugs because I always had money in high school. However, I was way beyond drugs, I was using on of my strongest natural talents to generate pure profit, I was reading. Yes, I can read extremely fast. I've always been able to. Even now, with all my activities, being a husband and a father and a full time employee, I still manage to read about 3 books a week and I limit myself to that just so that I continue to have a wife and kids and a job.

In high school, kids saw how much I read (new book ever day on the bus) and so the kids in the remedial English classes approached me about helping them out with their books reports. They had to give oral book reports, but were allowed to read off a 3x5 note card for the report. They would give me their book, I would take it home and read it and write up all the notes on a 3x5 card, then they would hand me my $5 and I would give them a guaranteed C or better if they would just read my notes for their oral book report. It was a sweet deal and I couldn't believe they were paying me to read books. If they had only known...


I drink a lot of milk. And it has to be in a glass cup. And I'm extremely panicky about how long the milk has been out and typically drink the milk all in one gulp. By a lot of milk, I mean I go through a gallon about every two days. It's all I drink. I don't really drink sodas or juices. Just milk and water. I could be sick as a dog (which I was just recently...blech) and after puking my guts up, a glass of milk will not only sound good to me, but will stay down. I love it, I always have and I feel like I'm going to die when I go a day without a glass of milk.

The glass cup? Just feels cooler and I get panicky about my milk getting warm. I don't want the bacteria, I don't like warm milk at all. If I leave a cup of milk sitting on the counter for even 15 minutes (oh the horror!), I will toss it down the sink and to be honest, I will probably cry. I do cry over spilled milk. I know there's no use, but I still cry.

And in Fifth Place...

I got my wife pregnant in college. Well, at the time she was my girlfriend. Well, more technically at the time she was a friend with "benefits" (I'm pretty sure it was the "benefits" that lead to the pregnancy, but I'm still researching that). We had started dating my junior year (her freshman), I had broken off the relationship the summer before my senior year because I got scared. Very scared. So to protect myself (and her from my crazy jealousy), I broke up with her. When college started back up, we started hanging out as just friends and then moved on to friends with "benefits". It was pretty silly, we were so into each other and absolutely exclusive benefit friends. It kind of became a joke between all of my guy friends.

When my future wife and mother of my three children told me she was pregnant, those moments right before she said those words were some of the scariest minutes of my life. But not for the reasons you might think. She told me she had something serious to talk to me about so we went to my car to talk. I was just dying inside, I was convinced that she had found another guy, my gut was doing flip flops and I really felt like puking. I couldn't believe I had done the whole friends with benefits thing and wished that she had known how I had felt before she found this loser. So when she finally said the words, "I'm pregnant", I was elated. It was the happiest moment of my life, I couldn't believe how great that was. I loved her and knew I would always love her so that was something totally manageable. What a relief.

So yeah, my wife and I are a statistic and apparently we break the trend. We're going on our eight year of marriage this year and have three kids now (and are planning on a fourth potentially). Neither of us were the type of people to get married because of kids. Probably my biggest pet peeve at our wedding was the large number of people that came up to me to tell me I was doing the right thing. I was so close to doing the right thing and punching them in their mouths, but instead I would just calmly explain that ruining three lives by marrying someone just because they were having your baby didn't seem very right to me. I don't think they got it, but I still said it every time.

Why are we able to defeat the odds? I'm not really sure. Love, luck, comprimise, friendship. All contribute to it I guess. I just know she's the best thing that ever happened to me and I'm dang glad I still get to have a friend like her in my life (with "benefits" of course ;) )

Well, with that finally finished. I only have the passing of the torch left. This also was a bit of a struggle since most of my blogging friends have been tagged. However, I have access into another whole world. The world of the sexy. Yes, I'm bringing sexy back and tagging these fine, magnificent, sexy bloggers.

Wifey, Theresa, Bob, Justice! and Trisha (we all know the chances of HER posting again ;) but we got to try right?)

You've been tagged.

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# re: Why did everyone else come up with 5 things so dang quick? (oh, yeah, I've been "tagged")
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Your fifth revelation is fabulous. Good for you, happy man. :)
Left by Blue on Jan 03, 2007 10:19 AM

# re: Why did everyone else come up with 5 things so dang quick? (oh, yeah, I've been "tagged")
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You had me in TEARS about that story of when she told you she was "knocked up". Women often don't get a chance to hear what the feelings are from men, so it is awesome that you shared that.
Left by Bob Luebner on Jan 10, 2007 9:48 AM

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