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The fourth meeting of PAXNAUG was this past Wednesday. I intended to give an introductory overview of developing games for the Zune but things didn't go quite as planned...

We did a much better job of advertising for this meeting and the turnout was great. As 6:30 rolled around, people were still trickling in and we all sat around socializing and chowing down on pizza. With all the newcomers we decided to go around and have everyone introduce themselves and just give a little bit of what they were currently working on.

As each person gave a quick introduction my jaw kept dropping a little further. By the end, I wasn't even qualified to breath the same air as the people that surrounded me. Needless to say I was thrown off just more than just a little. I tried to collect my thoughts and was mentally trying to adjust my talk for the audience I had but I never really recovered from my shock. I had to chuckle as I was wrapping up my very casual talk and one of the guys asked me, "so, when are you going to do your presentation?"


The cool thing though was that I was just so jazzed up from meeting so many cool new game developers in the area, I was on cloud nine at the end. I'm hoping I can convince a few of them to give some talks in the future and also, with this bigger audience, I can finally start inviting some actual presenters down to Portland. There were several guys who were running small game studios, guys working on titles that should be coming out on XBLA later this year and we even had a sound guy who was busy working with on orchestra on some music. Just incredible cool people with some amazing portfolios. I'll try and put together a web tour of their portfolios and sites soon, it was really cool seeing all their past and upcoming projects.

Needless to say, I'm really looking forward to next time! Thanks to everyone who showed up, hopefully I'll get to meet you again sometime when I'm a little less star struck.

We should put putting up information about the next meeting of PAXNAUG shortly, so keep a lookout and hope to see you there.

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