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I took some time today to update the source code for my Cops and Robbers game demo for the XNA 2.0 framework. While I was at it, I ported it to the XBox 360 as well. I had begun to the port to the Zune when I discovered that some of the XNA API calls I was using for the PC and 360 weren't available for the Zune! Mainly no ResolveBackBuffer method for the GraphicsDevice object. Total bummer. I'll have to see if I can figure out another way to do the things I'm doing to achieve the motion blur.

The only real difference in the new version is that I had to rip out the sounds for the conversion. I had created the original XACT projects in 1.0 and didn't save them so I'll have to find all the sound effects and background music I was using (this also reminds me that I REALLY need to start using some sort of source control for all of my home projects) and try and get them back into the demo. Sounds and music really make a difference in making your project seem a lot more fun.

Here's a video I took of the original version when it had the background music and soundfx.


And here's the links if you're interested.

Cops And Robbers - PC Version - XNA 2.0 framework

Cops and Robbers - 360 Version - XNA 2.0 framework


Looking at this on the 360 makes me realize there's a lot I should do to clean this up. I should take some time to try and make this little more than a motion blur demo. Maybe I'll take some time tomorrow to add some sounds and get everything displaying with the "safe" area on the 360, it also could use a pause screen and some Help and Options, looks like there's a lot to do. Sounds like a fun day!

Enjoy and as always feel free to leave me any feedback either through my comment section or just by dropping me an email.

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check out They have a great piece of source control software, and it's free for single dev use.
Left by cullen on Oct 28, 2008 8:01 AM

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