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Well, given my separation and pending divorce, and changing jobs, I feel it's time to get my mid-life crisis moving.  As such, I decided to buy a video game.  I haven't bought a PC game in well over a decade.  So I started with Star Wars Battlefront II.  WOW!

This has DEFINITELY been a good way to kick-start my mid-life crisis.  I stayed up EXTRA LATE this morning :) playing.  It is so much fun.  There are so many options, so many scenarios, so many environments.  The game play is remarkably simple considering all of the complexities and options. 

I think this is partly due to my new computer.  I bought a new personal laptop and I love it.  Duo Core 2GHz, 2 Gb RAM (yeah, 2!), 256 Mb Video Card, 15.4” Wide Screen butt-kickin' monitor.  Game play is crisp, clean, and smooth.  I do wait on the disk sometimes but in general, it is smokin' fast.

When I combine my short-timer's attitude with the onset of mid-life crisis, I see little productivity over the next four weeks or so.  I hope none of you are expecting much from me! :)

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You need a phat new car and a 20-something foreign girlfriend that speaks almost no english... then you'll be all set.

Left by Chris Williams on May 01, 2006 11:16 AM

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