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For those of you keeping up with my excrutiatingly boring life, I am between jobs.  No, I didn't get fired, I quit working for Virtual IT, Inc.  However, my last day there being the 17th of May, I have a few days off before starting my new job at CBIZ Payroll on the 30th.  So what does a geek do with that time off?  Well, among other things (yeah yeah...geeky things), I decided to catch up on some entertainment.

I started with Carnivàle, from Home Box Office (HBO).  I have been interested in the show for some time but have not had HBO service since I was about 17.  Nevertheless, I have been very intrigued by trailers and teasers and previews for “Carnivàle”.  So I head on down to the local video rental store (which is not so local, if you take my meaning) and pick up a few episodes.

What a cool show!  It is somewhat esoteric but not so much that it's annoying.  It's very strange, but not so strange that it can't be understood.  It's an excellent blend of very vivid characters and extremely well-written dialogue with a stark yet somehow rich backdrop of interweaving tales.  The acting is very good, sometimes even great.  Arguably, Tim DeKay (remember “Sequest DSV“?  I hope not!) provides the best performances followed VERY closely by Clancy Brown and Patrick Bauchau. 

One of the key interests I had was Clancy Brown as Brother Justin Crowe.  I think Clancy Brown is a very versatile actor and I really enjoy watching his work.  For those of you who don't know Clancy, he played the Kurgen in Highlander.  Interestingly enough, however, my favorite character is Professor Lodz played by Patrick Bauchau (from “The Pretender” which I have yet to watch with earnest).  His Belgian accent adds such a wonderful creepiness and intellect to the dialog.

All in all, I recommend, if not highly, that you see the show.  If nothing else, check it out on IMDB and HBO.  I am 8 episodes into season one and hope to finish the season over the weekend.  As always, your thoughts on the show are appreciated!

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