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I found some information about writing a custom event sink for SMTP servers using .NET 2.0.  Most of them rely on Exchange (or some Exchange libraries) and a very few utilize CDONTS.  All of the information I found is somewhat dated.  I am wondering if you have done this.  Here is the basic premise:

  1. Establish an SMTP server to catch emails from an existing 3rd-paty system.  Reconfigure the system to use this "relay" server instead of the production mail server.
  2. Write a custom sink for the "relay" server in .NET.  The custom sink must trap incoming mail messages, obtain the mail message information and perform work on attachments, then do something (continue sending, save to directory, whatever).

Thanks in advance for any information or feedback you have.

Posted on Wednesday, February 7, 2007 11:45 AM Cutting Code | Back to top

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