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An executive at a prominent software development company learns that the quality of software solutions provided by the company is in question.  The executive takes immediate action and calls a meeting of the managers.

executive - "Quality is the differentiator for our company.  Poor quality is simply not acceptable.  So...right now...each of you imagine that you are sitting on an airplace at the terminal awaiting take-off...and you learn that the software controlling the avionics of the plane were written by your team.  By show of hands, which of you would exit the airplane?"

Slowly but surely hands start lifting until all but one of the managers has their hands in the air.  Intrigued, the executive queries the lone manager about that team's techniques that make the software so reliable.  "What is it your team is doing to produce quality software so much that you will stay on the plane?"

manager - "Improve quality?!?!  Heck...if my team wrote it, the plane wouldn't even taxi down the runway!"

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