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On our build server we don't have any of our dependent applications (e.g. Commerce Server, BizTalk Server) installed because it's cheaper on the licensing and the build server is actually a Virtual Server image running on my dev box where I don't feel like giving up excess resources to build processes. :)  One of the things that has bugged me for a while is the fact that the build process copies referenced assemblies even when Copy Local set to false.  We store all of our references on a network share so everyone is pulling the same version during build.  After a little tinkering I figured out that it doesn't actually write that to the project file. 

If you want to suppress the referenced assemblies from being copied to the bin folder during build you'll need to edit the project file by hand and add a Private=”false”.  For example:

 Name = "MyThirdPartyAssembly"
 AssemblyName = "MyThirdPartyAssembly"
 HintPath = "R:\ThirdParty\MyThirdPartyAssembly\\MyThirdPartyAssembly.DLL"
 Private = "False"

Up next is trying this with VS2005 to see if we can achieve the same result. :)

UPDATE: Works with VS2005 as well!




Posted on Sunday, March 12, 2006 1:15 PM Build and Deployment | Back to top

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