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One aspect of air-commuting that you get used to fairly quickly is not having access to your own car when you get where you're going.

There are typically two ways around this... rent a car each week, or catch the occasional cab and carpool as available.

I'm not a big believer in credit cards, so I opt not to rent a car. I typically don't go out during the week other than the grocery store, and work is within walking distance, so it's not a big deal. This means that I'm catching a cab every Sunday when I fly in.

Most of the time it's not a big deal...

The last two weeks, I've been stuck with some real winners. 2 weeks ago, I hop in the cab at the airport and the dude has his stereo so loud that he cant hear where I want to go and has to ask me 3 times. I asked him at least 3 times to turn the music down, but he never turned it down more than a notch or two. He also got pretty rude with me for wanting to pay with plastic.

It's DFW airport policy that all the cabs have to accept plastic... so NEVER let them talk you out of it. It beats that other little game they play where they *never* have change for a $20 so you end up having to tip them $8 or paying them to drive you somewhere to make change.

So anyway... this joker apparently doesn't have a toll pass either, so we have to sit in the longest line (another tactic to milk you for more $$) annd wait, annnnd wait, until we finally get through. (Most Taxi drivers have a toll pass, at least that I've seen so far.) Once we finally get to my apartment, after he asks me 6 times if I'm sure I don't have cash, it takes him a full 25 minutes to write up the credit card slip. (Another stall tactic to frustrate you, so you'll just give him cash...)

That was last week...

This week wasn't annoying, so much as funny... my driver this week was a polite, nicely dressed man of middle eastern descent. I told him my destination and he shot out of the airport like a bat out of hell. At one point, I looked up and he was doing at 95MPH (in a 65 zone.) I'm a fairly fast driver myself, so this didnt bother me much. Obviously he was in a hurry... fine by me.

I notice his meter isn't turned on, so I'm a little concerned at first, but I know how much the ride costs and I'm willing to argue the point if necessary. I ask him about it and he says... "ehhh, it's broke. it's an piece of S..t"

Then his cellphone rings... without missing a beat (or slowing down), he flips it open and starts talking to his wife about dinner. Apparently they're having steak. I know this because he repeatedly screams at his wife "yes I want a steak. yes I want it medium rare. yes medium rare. yes. yes. F... yes." brief pause " yes damn it I said yes. Yes steak. No I dont give a f... about vegetables. I want just a steak. F...."

Then he hangs up and decides it's time to get chatty... so I get to hear all about how he's been on the clock for 8 hours at this point and I'm only his second fare, because it's Easter Sunday and nobody flies on Easter. That his brother is sitting at his house probably eating his steak right now while he's trying to earn a living driving this cab and that Dallas is no good for taxi drivers and that New Orleans was much better and that just maybe he was going to pack up his entire family and move back there and make more money and by god his wife would just have to deal with it and she would go because he is the man and the moneymaker in his house.

smile and nod chris... smile and nod.

So I say, hey man... that's too bad. Wow look, here we are, already... wow that was fast. here's your cash, and a $4 tip. (I actually had enough small bills to make it worthwhile... and I'd hate for him to miss out on his steak.) Posted on Thursday, April 12, 2007 11:57 AM General Interest | Back to top

Comments on this post: bad taxis and dropping the F bomb...

# re: bad taxis and dropping the F bomb...
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(f)ROFLMAO! <wipes tears from eyes> I'll have to make sure I don't get that guy's kidding on how the DFW cabbies try to milk cash out of you, too....
Left by Theo Moore on Apr 12, 2007 12:15 PM

# re: bad taxis and dropping the F bomb...
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FOTFLOL! That's frakkin' hysterical!
Left by codesailor on Apr 12, 2007 12:30 PM

# re: bad taxis and dropping the F bomb...
Requesting Gravatar... awesome. F... yes. I love it.
Left by Jason Olson on Apr 12, 2007 6:23 PM

# re: bad taxis and dropping the F bomb...
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Laughed my @... off! Hey man... drop me a line next time that you are in DFW.
Left by Caleb Jenkins on Apr 24, 2007 4:52 PM

# re: bad taxis and dropping the F bomb...
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bahaha, that's awesome... gotta love Dallas. ;)
Left by Jason Alexander on Apr 24, 2007 5:02 PM

# re: bad taxis and dropping the F bomb...
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So awesome.
Left by Ken Hanson on Apr 24, 2007 6:51 PM

# re: bad taxis and dropping the F bomb...
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The second cabby is every bit as cool as the first one sucked. I would love to have that guy. Being the instigator I am, I would have gotten him fired up about his brother, or something. I've got a whole repetoire for cabbies b/c I have had such success getting them to entertain me.

-Have you ever had anyone famous in your cab? (then the typically say Yes, and tell me about someone famous and coolthatwas a great tipper, and then some cheap jerk. There's a famous Reverend who I've had three cabbies tell me about being a total prick and a cheap one at that.
-Boy, I bet you get stuck dealing with a lot of annoying drunks? (Always a winner, always - usually hear about someone puking in the back, someone passing out and not being able to wake them up, folks that can't wait to get back to their room
-So what happens if you get a ticket or get in a wreck? Are the cops cooler to you, or do they bust your chops worse than other folks? (Not as good as the last one, but usually pretty good)
-How fast have you had this thing?
Left by Bill on Apr 25, 2007 9:33 PM

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